Luffy Is Going To Destroy Fishman Island In One Piece

It has been prophesied by Madame Shyarly that Luffy will destroy Fishman Island but before that I will be discussing the road to Raftel and One Piece and how it all ties with why Luffy will destroy Fishman Island.

It all starts with a simple question why did Gol D. Roger travelled twice the Grand Line?

Roger and his crew were on a big hurry as Roger didn’t have much time and knowledge on where Raftel and One Piece are.

Gol D. Roger listened to “The Voice of All Things” to guide him to the One Piece. He first travelled the grand line and found out the story behind all the Ponegliffs. After he found Raftel, his journey should have ended but as he was an adventurous type just like Roger’s crew see the same thing in Luffy, he went to every single island to leave clues on the Ponegliffs to guide a worthy successor after him, he wanted to go back to check if what they interpreted was correct as they hadn’t the knowledge of Ohara scholars and also the clues on the Ponegliffs where left to fulfil the destiny of the Void Century that he couldn’t do as he was becoming weaker from his sickness.

After leaving the clues on the Ponegliffs he decided to disband his crew a year before his execution and gave them a specific task, mainly two tasks come to mind. The first one is to find a D worthy successor and the second is to remain stationary at crucial points where they can guide and give clues to him to the next adventure and find the One Piece.

This brings us to where Raftel’s location is. In the image above you see Raftel next to Reverse Mountain. There have been many theories suggesting that Raftel is a journey beyond the end meaning that Raftel was just in front of them before the journey started.

Just after going up the reverse mountain with their going merry and found Laboon, Crocus gave them the biggest hint “And the name of the island at the end of the route is… Raftel.” And he concluded by saying “It’s the last point on the Grand Line”

This all means that the island is found next to Reverse Mountain but you have to go all the way of the grand line to find it out. What strikes me most is how can one crew arrive to Raftel and then go back to travel the grand line. There is no way to climb up the Reverse Mountain and the only option is to travel by the calm belt which is the most probable way he did it as he had “The Voice of All Things” and could command Sea Kings to help him cross the calm belt either to the North or South Blue and then go up Reverse Mountain.

In all treasure maps X, marks the spot where the treasure is. Raftel is close to Reverse Mountain, the 4 Red Ponegliffs together, pin points the location of Raftel whilst the other Ponegliffs tells the story of the Void Century. There is just one hole in this story why does Gol D. Roger wants a successor? Why does he need to inspire pirates to venture the sea and what is so important on Raftel that will change the course of history?

The answer all lies on Raftel, where the Rio Ponegliff resides and this Ponegliff will answer all the questions. First off, it will tell us all about the Ancient Weapons and how they were used, who is responsible for the Void Century and you shouldn’t be surprised to know that the Nobles and the 20 kingdoms are responsible for that. Secondly, on the Rio Ponegliff there will be a shocking truth about what the D stands for and how the Nobles killed almost all of them just the way they did in Ohara with the Buster Call, this will make Luffy and the Strawhats mad.

His only option is to destroy Mariejois, by going back to the Grand Line, facing the Nobles and World Government. Similarly, to the Enies Lobby burning the WG flag, he alongside his allies will destroy Mariejois with most Nobles.

This is where Fishman Island comes to place, there are 2 options to how it will be destroyed. The first one is: As Fishman Island is very close to The Holy Land of Mariejois, it will suffer the aftermath of the destruction of Mariejois by tons of rock falling from above and hitting directly the air bubble and ending Fishman Island for good. Not forgetting that the Gorosei the head of the World Government reside in Mariejois and having no knowledge and this will be the biggest war according to an interview with Oda on One Piece some major destruction will be held more than what we have seen in Marineford.

The second reason is that Fishman Island was once part of Mariejois and the Nobles used that place to harvest fishmen, by letting them breed inside that place, then selling them or use them as slaves. Something horrible must have took place and the Nobles decided to throw them back to the sea with their whole island. As they were merely slaves to them and own them, they could do anything to them and as a punishment they banned them to under the sea.

After hearing this out Luffy will certainly lose it and end up destroying Fishman Island so that the Queen Otohime’s wish will come to fruition, which is that the Fishman people may live happily with the rest of the World on land, travel and enjoy all the riches the lands should offer. This is it for me, I hope you enjoyed the reason why Luffy will destroy Fishman Island and wish to see you on the next article.


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